Reflective Accessories

Our unique Smart in the Dark reflective accessories are designed to keep you safe after dark. How? Specifically, by making you visible in traffic when the day light disappears. Not only do these useful products improve your road safety, but they also enhance your look. We have taken it reflective gear to the next level, with stylish, smart, reflective garments and reflective accessories that make you light up in the darkness.  Read more

Of all our Smart in the Dark reflective accessories, the reflective shawl has become a real bestseller. Particularly as it can be worn all year round, as a reflective accessory over lighter clothes or on top of winter coats. Furthermore, just add our popular reflective belt and your outfit will be even more safe and stylish.

It is 2022, which means that wearing reflectors when out and about after dark is not only a smart choice, but also a must. So, we created a selection of smart reflective bands that can be placed around the arms and legs when walking or cycling.

In essence, our Smart in the Dark reflective accessory collection makes you visible in the dark for over 125 meters. This is because all reflectors are made of 3M Scotchlite – one of the safest and best reflective materials on the market, and the personal reflectors are CE marked.

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Reflective shawl

The Smart in the Dark reflective shawl is undoubtedly one of our bestselling reflective accessories. This is due to the fact that it can be worn in winter, spring, summer and autumn. To explain, this elegant reflective outerwear piece, can be worn over lighter clothes and smart attire in the warmer months.

Additionally, it can also be worn on top of your winter coat to make you visible in the dark. Designed with beautiful and unique reflective patterns, our stylish reflective scarf is not only comfortable, but also fashionable, smart, and functional all in one! Moreover, you can add our popular reflective belts or reflective bands to your outfit. Together the combination will surely make you the most stylish and the safest person out in the evening darkness.

Because the reflective shawl is generous in size it can easily be worn on top of a jacket or coat. But here at Smart in the Dark, we want you to stay safe all year. So, you can also wear it wrapped around your neck on a cooler day. Or even draped over the shoulders on a nice summer evening when you want to be a little more dressed up. This smart reflective accessory protects against wind and cold, while at the same time making you visible on busy streets. Moreover, the beautiful reflective designs, add a touch of style to any outfit.

Smart reflective belt

Another reflective accessory that keeps you safe in the dark is our reflective belt. Easily worn on the outside of your jacket or coat, this smart accessory is a more stylish and elegant alternative to the traditional reflective vests. The Smart in the Dark reflective belt can be easily adjusted with push buttons. The design also has a smart pocket for small items such as keys or credit cards.

With this reflective belt, you can feel both stylish and safe in the city as in the countryside. A practical reflective accessory that can be worn on the outside of most jackets and coats.

Stylish reflective arm band

In today’s busy cities, wearing reflective accessories when outside after dark is an absolute must. But you already know that because you’re already here! So, congratulations for making the decision to stay safe whether you are walking, running or cycling at night. In fact, keeping you safe is our top priority. Hence why we developed our unique collection of attractive reflective accessories. And our smart reflective bands are especially made to be worn around the arms and legs. So, they keep you safe and visible, whatever activity you are doing!

Our wrinkled reflective arm bands are the ultimate reflective accessory for your jacket. Both stylish and practical, this smart high visibility arm band is suitable for all occasions. Whenever you want to feel safe and secure outside in the dark, it is easy to pull on over your jacket or top. This is because of its stretchy elastic, which makes it flexible and easy to transfer between jackets. With this convenient reflective accessory, you can be seen up to 125 meters away. Which in effect, keeps you safe when you are out jogging, walking the dog or cycling after dark.

Perfect in both residential areas, and also busy cities and urban centres, our stretch reflective bands comes in several beautiful Nordic patterns. Just browse through the selection and choose your favourite!

Reflective leg band

We also offer protective reflective leg bands that can be worn on your trouser leg during bike rides or when running. Not only does this reflective accessory keep you safe, but it also helps keep the dirt off your trousers. Our unique Smart in the Dark reflective arm and leg bands are made using Velcro, so they are adjustable to fit any size. This also makes them easy to put on and take off, so you can transfer them to whatever you are wearing each day.

Additionally, the reflective pattern goes all the way around the leg, making you visible from all directions. These reflective bands for arms and legs are available in five different reflective pattern designs. Not only are these a great investment for your own safety, but they also make a perfect gift for friends and loved ones. Furthermore, we will also gift wrap your purchase. This option is done at a minimal extra cost and is easily made with the order.

Reflective bow

The reflective bow is a popular reflective accessory in the shape of a bow to put on the bag or key chain. Made of the softest wool with reflective material on both sides and comes equipped with a handy silver ring that attaches to your bag. The bow with reflective pattern becomes like a beautiful piece of jewelry that lights up and keeps you visible once it gets dark. The reflective bow is made of soft wool and is the perfect gift for yourself or for those you care about.

Smart reflective accessory

Have you seen our discreet and smart reflective accessory that can be attached to your handbag, backpack, suitcase, pram, or bike? A stylish high visibility accessory that easily attaches with Velcro and work as a smart reflective accessory that also keeps you safe in the dark.

Suitable for both men and women, these reflective accessories are designed to look great and work with any outfit. Visible up to 125 meters, Smart in the Dark reflective accessories ensures that you will be seen in the dark. So, they’re perfect for keeping you safe while you wait for the bus, cycle, or walk with a pram or dog. We want to make sure you can use our smart reflectors regardless of what type of bag you wear.