Frequently Asked Questions

Product information

Treat the reflector like a pair of glasses. Do not store the reflector where it can become scratched for example, in the pocket together with a pair of keys. The durability of the reflection depends on how it is used. If you are careful, it can last for many years.

Smart in the dark® reflectors are machine washable at 40 degrees and should be washed as colored laundry, which is much gentler on the microspheres of the reflex. Use a laundry bag for less wear on the reflective surface. (it says hand washing on the label because one of the products contain a belt buckle.)

Then there have been an error in the production and the reflector has not warmed up properly. Contact us and we will replace you with a new one.

No it is not a general truth, but there are various reflective materials. The material used in the products from Smart in the dark® is of a high quality with a high degree of reflection and it is machine washable.

Safety and security

The reflector is constructed in such a way that when the light hits the reflector then it reflects the light directly back to where it came from. The driver gets the reflected light toward him and has great chance to see you in time in traffic.

With a reflector the driver can see you at about 125 meters distance compared to 30 meters in dark clothes and 60 meters in light colored clothes.

Exchange and returns

Call us at 031-31 32 180 or email us at as soon as possible, to make it possible for us to change or cancel your order before it is sent.

You should at receipt verify that you have received the correct product and that it is accurate and error-free. If you have received the wrong item or if it is damaged, contact us within 30 days of the delivery. If you find something wrong later on, please contact us by email or telephone.

You always have 30 days purchase on approval, if you regret your buy or if you want to exchange or simply return the item it is only to send the goods back to us, we will return your payment. You only pay for the return postage.

Delivery is usually 1-2 days within Sweden. For international shipments please expect 3-5 days in Europe and 5-10 days to other countries.

Yes! When you checkout, you can choose a different shipping address. You can choose a delivery address so we post directly to your desired address.