The idea of developing Smart in the Dark arose when Ann-Sofie Hermansson realized that there were no attractive safety reflectors available for the well-dressed man or woman. It started when she had purchased a black jacket which was both warm and stylish; it became her favorite right away. However, on evening walks, on her way to the city to work or to meet friends, she felt a bit dismaying to wear yellow reflectors with silly shapes and designs. She simply didn’t want to feel the same way she did when she were standing in the sandbox during the days.

She started to look for attractive reflectors that she could wear with her jacket, but she couldn’t find any. She realized that very few people who were dressed up were wearing reflectors. There were simply no products available for them and it was this that later became the starting point for this company. Imagine being able to offer well-designed, stylish, and safe and secure reflectors that match the black and strict attire that is common-place up here in the Nordic countries. She started looking at the possibility of making her idea come true, which at that point in time consisted of a creating a reflective product.

To go from an idea to a finished product has many challenges. Finding a partner who is willing to produce the product is not easy, especially not when you are a solo entrepreneur and a start-up company. In October 2014, almost three years later, she was launching Smart in the Dark for the well-dressed man and woman.

Take care of yourself in the dark!

September 2015

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