• Ett stiligare och säkrare möte i trafiken
    En produkt från Smart in the dark® är utvecklad att bäras med stil vid varje tillfälle oavsett om det är till fest, arbetet eller fritiden. Att bära Smart in the dark kan göra en värdefull skillnad.

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    Smart in the dark

    You know that it’s smart to be seen when you’re out in the dark, now don’t you? Of course you do! Yet despite this homespun wisdom, alarmingly few people make use of reflectors. It’s something we aim to change – for your sake, my sake and everybody else’s.

    So we’ve designed a collection of elegant reflector products that are not only easy to use but also double as fashion accessories. Just like that beautiful piece of jewellery you wear everywhere you go, regardless of the time of day or year, either as an emblem or a lucky charm!

    In addition to our webshop, you can also buy our products here:

    What do our customers say about Smart in the dark?
    • "Now I got even my teenager to use reflectors. Thank you, you've really done it! "

      Elin Wennerholm
    • I'm really a reflector geek and terrified to death by the idea of being hit by a car or hit someone with a car myself in the dark. I think your products are awesome and worth to be known!

    • Bought a belt- and legreflector last winder, superb! My best buy in ages!

      Lillemor Johansson
    • BIG congratulations for these fabulous product you've created! Each year I've thought that there should be a law that everyone should carry reflectors!

      Anna Linden
    • Got utterly inlove with your products when I saw them in the magazin "VI" - a must have!

      Viktoria P.
    • Such beautiful products! Was about time someone created this!



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