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    Rawness tests Smart in the dark reflectors

    Rawness is a web portal that adopts products and other things that inspire an active lifestyle. They felt that Smart in the dark reflectors would be interesting to test, which pleases us no end! They've tested parts of Smart in the dark's Nordic Silver Collection to see how well these premium reflectors work and how they compare to regular reflectors available in retail stores. The summary reads like this: "Smart in the dark's reflector products are truly brilliant. Elegant style coupled with a user-friendly design in a collection with a great range of products. Founder Ann-Sofie Hermansson has given reflectors a soul and a place in my everyday life. I hope we can soon see a dedicated sports collection with the same excellent visibility and...

    Autumn is coming in!

    Autumn is the time of year we need to make doubly certain we can be seen in the dark. Our mission is to make people want to wear reflectors. We do this by designing and making products in which the reflector becomes a brilliant, elegant feature that also reflects high quality and safety thinking. Getting people to take care of themselves and their loved ones is what motivates us. It was also one autumn when the Smart in the dark idea first saw the light of day. When our founder Ann-Sofie bought an elegant autumn jacket, she lacked a smart, stylish reflector to wear with it. Ann-Sofie soon discovered that most adults wore black without any reflectors at all. People are putting their life on...